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X-Wing Red 5 – Bandai 1/72

This was a tougher build than I thought it was going to be. But still nice how Bandai makes them, I was able to build, paint and weather in subassemblies and then just assemble it all into a finished product. In retrospect, I think I would have chosen some different colours for the base coat, and maybe toned down the accent colours, but it still feels like an X-Wing.

Of course the ILM filming model is different than the full size X-Wing, which is different from the CGI model used in the special editions. I tried to stick to the ILM filming model, which has a lot more coloured panels on it than the others.

I did try to stay faithful with paint chipping and weathering streaks. There are several places of red chipping, especially on the underside, as well as other places that have different coloured chips on top of each other. This gives the appearance that it’s been repainted several times.

Almost all details were painted except for a panel on the port inside wing, and the barber pole stripes on the cannons which were kit decals.

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