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SnowSpeeder / Snowbirds What If – 1/48 Bandai

This is my first ever “What If?” type model. I wanted to see what a Star Wars Snowspeeder would look like if it were mashed up with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Aerial Display team. So I took a lot of cues from their paint scheme. The red underbelly, the white on top. The snowbirds logo on the bottom. I decided to remove the weapons from the snowspeeder, and instead replaced them with (non functioning) headlights. The pilots are wearing red flight suits, as well as have the snowbirds logo on their helmets. Like the real planes as well, the pilot sits in a red upholstered chair, and the copilot in blue.

The decals were all custom made and applied. Various Alclad shades for the metal grille at the back were used as well.

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