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Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter – Bandai 1/72

This one is a surprisingly difficult kit to do if you want to do it right. Unlike all the other TIE fighters that Bandai makes, this one has the black “solar panels” actually molded into the wings. All the others have the wing frames snap on around the panels, so you can paint the frames seperately. This led to a LOT of masking, and fiddling, as there are raised bumps around many of the panels.
As well, Bandai molds these in colours in case you didn’t want to paint. But part of this process left some unsightly seam lines in spots on the wings which needed to be sanded and smoothed out.

This TIE Fighter is also very small when compared to the other TIE’s, which made it feel a bit more fiddly to work with.

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