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crashed snowspeeder – bandai 1/48

Inspired by this advertisement for the Star Wars Battlefront video game, I decided to make a scene of a crashed snowspeeder. This was my first time ever making a “scene”, as well as something that was this damaged. It is a little off-putting to spend all your time making a model . . . and then you have to start destroying it and sink half of it out of view.

The base was made with expanding foam, covered in spackle. This was then painted, and covered in a Woodland Scenics snow product that was fixed with a white glue/water mixture.

Unfortunately it’s almost too tough to see, but the two pilots inside . . well . . they didn’t survive the crash. They are bloodied, with broken limbs/necks, still suspended by their seatbelts, and slumped towards the earth.

At least they died fighting the good fight.

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