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Boba Fett’s Slave 1 – Fine Molds 1/72

This model taught me an important lesson about my own modelling skills. No model is completed until you’ve painted it and stripped it at least 3 times.

Trying to accurately recreate the damage and chipping was very difficult for me. But in my defense, this was my first model to ever try it on, and I probably should have chosen something easier.

It was also my first model that I incorporated any lighting in. I used a Lego lighting kit of all things, just because it was cheap, and was a self contained unit that could fit inside the front green shell.

I also had a mishap when working on the two round engines and damaged them quite badly. So a friend of mine designed up some replacements which I had 3D Printed.

I also put in some very subtle lighting over Boba Fett’s head.

And lastly, on the stand, I hollowed out all the plastic in between the “girders” on the upright stands to give it a more industrial feel, as well as to show off the model more. It was a lot of work with the dremel and the file, but the solid plastic stands really were a distraction.

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