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AT-ST – Bandai 1/48

This one required a little bit of creativity and cutting up of a perfectly good model. The model built from the box comes in a very static and un-lifelike pose. After watching Return Of The Jedi a few times in very slow motion, I came to realize that Bandai had omitted a few joints in the legs. I’m assuming this was to make sure that the model was stable to display. It also led to a very ugly looking model. I took the razor saw, drill and some sprue and created new joints in the ankles, and up towards the shoulder area. This let the legs be just as posable as the studio model, and allowed for this much more dynamic pose. Legs were glued in place, with the back leg JUST touching the ground with its toes for stability. The flat foot is also pinned.

Eventually this will end up in a Rogue One scene, but for now was just placed on the kit base, which was given a sandy texture, and a scale stormtrooper for reference.

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