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You know how when you were 8 years old, you sat at the kitchen table with your dad and built a model car? And it sat on your shelf until you were about 14, and then you threw it away? Well, some of us still build those. We just do it now with much better tools (and sadly, usually more expensive kits).

I’m a Star Wars fan, so most of my models tend to be from those movies, or space and sci-fi in general. This site was built to highlight some of my favourite builds.

I don’t typically do commission builds, but, sometimes when the stars align, it has been known to happen.

I am also the Vice President of Peel Scale Modelers. This is a group that has been meeting monthly since 1977 (although not with me back then!). For the past 5 years, I have also been coordinating the largest model show and contest in the Greater Toronto Area – Torcan.

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